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Your Internal Medicine Physician Specializing in Primary Care

Dr. Needell has been providing primary care services to the Gaston County, Charlotte and surrounding areas in North Carolina for 20 years. Two years ago he opened the doors to Gastonia Wellness & Long Term Care, offering his patients a unique opportunity to join his concierge practice where wellness and disease prevention is his primary focus. In addition, Gastonia Wellness provides executive-level physicals for all patients, 24/7 access to the doctor, same day or next day appointments, on time appointments and a friendly staff who delivers excellent and caring customer service.

Recently Dr. Needell joined a small group of physicians in the US and became certified in the “Bale Doneen Method” of Heart Attack and Stroke prevention.

Every 43 seconds, someone in the US has a heart attack and every four minutes an American dies from a stroke. Very often people who suffer these events were previously unaware that they had cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading killer of men and women. The Bale-Doneen Method offers a unique, comprehensive and science-based approach to detecting, preventing and treating CVD that has been shown in two peer-reviewed studies to halt or reverse the disease and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

At Gastonia Wellness, we are concierge practice that provides executive-level physicals for all patients. As a patient at our practice, you’ll receive 24/7 access to our doctor along with excellent service.


The BaleDoneen Method is a risk assessment and treatment protocol aimed at preventing heart attack and stroke that Dr. James Needell provides at Gastonia Wellness.

Client Reviews

  • I love that Dr Nedell is so personable. The transparency is mutual. I’m not afraid to be honest about medical issues I struggle with, and he always gives me straight answers. He is currently fighting with my insurance company to approve a medication I desperately need.

    Teresa R. Avatar
    Teresa R.
  • Dr. Needell is a very caring physician who is also very thorough and personable.. I really appreciate having him as my personal physician. I also appreciate being able to have all of my prescriptions filled through his office to make sure that errors aren't made and they are filled in a timely fashion. Thank you Dr. Needell!

    A G. Avatar
    A G.
  • Dr. Needell is always friendly and thorough. He does not rush through my appointment.

    Janet E. Avatar
    Janet E.
  • Dr Needell is my hero! He manages to make each of his patients feel important and understood. He is a great diagnostician and shows his devotion to his practice and his patients in everything he does. The office staff are efficient and very friendly.

    A G. Avatar
    A G.
  • Dr. Needell is caring, thorough, takes time to listen. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an excellent physician.

    Nikki O. Avatar
    Nikki O.
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