5 Great Reasons To Start Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Winter

If the hair on your head is called your crowning glory, the hair that grows in less desirable areas might be known as a thorn in your side. Shaving, waxing, tweezing, and all the other ways you attempt to control your body hair is time-consuming and frustrating, not to mention painful. Staying ahead of your hair growth is exhausting.

Laser hair removal is the answer. This permanent option for hair removal is relatively painless and easy to perform on all areas of the body. The laser targets the hair follicle, damaging the follicle to slow down and end hair growth.

At Gastonia Wellness & Long Term Care, we offer quick and effective laser hair removal, as well as many other medical services, to the community in and around Gastonia, North Carolina. Dr. James E. Needell uses the Icon™ Aesthetic System for laser hair removal to provide a lasting solution for getting rid of unwanted hair on various areas of the body.

Winter is ideal for starting laser hair removal

The recent frigid temperatures in the southeast may make it seem as though winter is going to last forever. But spring and summer will be here before you know it, and you’ll want to be ready for shorts and swimsuit season. Winter is the perfect time to begin laser hair removal treatments. Here are five great reasons for you to start your laser hair removal now.

1. It’s easier to prepare for laser hair removal in the winter. Prior to undergoing laser hair removal, you’re advised not to tweeze or wax your hair. Winter means your body is less exposed, therefore the unwaxed hair won’t be obvious to others. It’s also advisable to avoid any self-tanning products prior to your treatment.

2. Better results occur with paler skin. Your winter pallor is perfect for laser hair removal success. The more contrast between the hair and your skin means a more thorough “zapping” of the follicle. Darker skin limits the contrast, making it necessary to have more treatments. If you want the most bang for your buck, opt for laser hair removal treatments when your skin is at its lightest.

3. It’s easier to follow your aftercare instructions. Following your laser hair removal appointment you’ll be instructed to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for six weeks. It’s so much easier to do so in winter, because avoiding the North Carolina sunshine in summertime is oh-so-difficult.

4. You’ll be summer-ready in time for swimsuit season Because laser hair removal treats active-growth hair, you’ll need more than one session to halt your hair growth completely. The average number of sessions needed to control unwanted hair is from 3-6. These will be spread over the next several months in order to target each hair at the growth stage. By beginning your treatment in the winter, you’ll be free of your unwanted hair by the time you hit the beach in summer.

5. You’ll have time to shed your hair. Unlike waxing, tweezing, or shaving, your hair doesn’t immediately go away with laser hair removal. Over the next several days to weeks, you’ll shed your hair gradually. Then new hair will begin to grow in follicles that weren’t in the active growth phase. These hairs will be targeted at your next treatment.

If you’ve grown tired and frustrated by trying to stay ahead of your unwanted hair, consider laser hair removal. Winter is the perfect time of year to get started, so contact our office with any questions and schedule an appointment today.

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