8 Potentially Life-Saving Reasons to Have an Executive Physical

Just about everyone should get a physical once a year. An executive physical takes standard physicals to the next level by giving you more tests and covering more options to keep you healthy. And the extra services just might save your life.

At Gastonia Wellness & Long Term Care, we perform executive physicals using the MDVIP model, and we want to share the types of ways they can help you. To give you an idea, here’s a list of benefits executive physicals can provide. They can:

1. Discover cardiac problems before you have a heart attack

Heart disease is the biggest killer in the United States. Each year, over 610,000 die from heart disease. That accounts for about 25% of all deaths.

When you get an executive physical, Dr. Needell uses a stress test to measure your heart health. If you have a cardiovascular problem, we can start treating it now instead of waiting until after you’ve had a heart attack.

2. Provide a personalized weight loss plan

We always advise overweight and obese patients to lose weight. With an executive physical, though, you get a personalized weight loss plan that includes dietary and exercise suggestions based on your weight, physique, lifestyle habits, and overall health. With support from Dr. Needell, you can take steps to eat better, get your body moving, and move toward a more healthy weight.

3. Offer more extensive blood work

Standard physicals don’t always include blood tests. But with an executive physical, Dr. Needell orders any blood tests he thinks might pick up on health problems or nutritional deficiencies before you become symptomatic. For example, he might check a complete cholesterol profile, certain hormone levels, and a metabolic panel, including your blood sugar.

4. Give you access to specialized testing

The sooner you learn that you have a disease, such as cancer, the more likely it is to be treatable. During your executive physical, Dr. Needell has the option to perform a variety of specialized testing. Some tests can detect cancer and other diseases even when you don’t have any symptoms. With earlier detection, you can receive treatment sooner and improve your chances of managing the condition.

5. Assess your cognition and emotional health

More than 18% of adults in the US have some type of mental illness. Many of these illnesses never get diagnosed, which means that people don’t receive the treatments they need to get better.

As you age, your risk of certain cognitive and emotional problems increases. An executive physical assesses your brain health to make sure you get to lead the best life possible.

6. Help you learn how genes influence your health

Your genes play a large role in your health, so having any appropriate genetic testing can offer insight into your health. You may learn that you have a high risk for certain illnesses, or that you could pass certain medical conditions on to your children.

Learning about genetic risks gives you an opportunity to alter your lifestyle and take preventive steps to protect yourself against certain health issues.

7. Provide a careful review of your immunizations

Standard immunization schedules work well, but many people don’t keep up to date. Your executive physical gives Dr. Needell the opportunity to make a careful assessment of your immunizations. This makes sure you keep ahead of any necessary vaccines to help you stay healthy.

8. Give you more face-to-face time

When you request an executive physical, you get a longer appointment with Dr. Needell. This extra time gives him the opportunity he needs to take a closer look at your health. He has more time to talk with you, so he can ask you more questions and discuss any concerns you may have about your health.

If you’re interested in an executive physical, contact us our office by calling or clicking the online button. We’ll schedule an appointment so you can meet with Dr. Needell and get a comprehensive review of your health.

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