An executive physical takes your standard annual physical a step further with more comprehensive screenings and a full-fledged plan of action. Under the MDVIP model, patients are allowed ample time with Dr. James Needell and have access to extensive resources at Gastonia Wellness & Long Term Care. Call the Gastonia, North Carolina, office to book an appointment for your executive physical today.

Executive Physical Q & A

What happens during an executive physical?

Like an annual physical, an executive physical is a preventive health evaluation that allows Dr. Needell to assess your overall health and disease risk factors. However, unlike your standard annual physical, Dr. Needell provides more thorough testing and comprehensive treatment plans.

The MDVIP Wellness Program entitles you to services above and beyond what regular insurance companies or the government cover. You can expect the following during your appointment:

  • Assessment of vitals
  • Updates to family and medical histories
  • Physical and mental health screenings
  • Laboratory tests
  • Body Mass, vision, hearing, cardiac and pulmonary screenings

Once your test results are in, Dr. Needell explains them to you in detail and helps you take appropriate action based on those results. He identifies areas where you can improve your health.

Then, Dr. Needell lays out a detailed action plan to help you feel your best. He helps make adjustments to your existing treatment plan, develops new treatment plans, and equips you with preventive techniques.

What’s included in my personalized wellness plan?

If you currently have or are at risk for a disease, Dr. Needell recommends medication, therapies, and guidance to take control of your health. Even if you’re in good health, Dr. Needell offers strategies to keep you that way.

Dr. Needell includes the following services as part of your personalized wellness plan:

  • Dietary planning, e.g., meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes
  • Exercise videos tailored to your goals and fitness levels
  • Weight loss plans

Your executive physical appointment is the perfect time to reassess your health goals and make adjustments.

How should I prepare for an executive physical?

If this is your first visit, you should bring a list of your current medical concerns and medications, including vitamins, herbs, and supplements. You may also want to bring a list of questions you want to discuss with Dr. Needell.

If you’re an existing patient, Dr. Needell already has your records on file. Let him know about any changes to your health or current medications.
What are the benefits of an advanced executive physical?

An executive physical is more comprehensive than your standard annual physical and provides the following advantages:

  • More focused one-on-one time
  • Personalized follow-up plans
  • Extensive health resources
  • Earlier detection
  • Better health outcomes
  • Fewer visits, including medical emergencies
  • Additional tests and studies not available in a standard physical

To schedule your executive physical, contact Gastonia Wellness & Long Term Care over the phone.