Tired of Looking at Your Stretch Marks? What You Need To Know About TempSure™ Envi

Human skin is amazing. The largest organ in the human body, most people have 7-22 pounds of it. Your skin protects your body from harmful substances and environments, regulates your temperature, and keeps you waterproof.

Skin also tells a story, and as you age, your skin can show the impact. Stretched, sagging, and loose skin can strip you of your confidence. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your stretch marks, you may think you have no choice but to live with them. But you do have a choice. James E. Needell, MD, and his team at Gastonia Wellness & Long Term Care can remove your stretch marks with the breakthrough technology of the TempSure™ Envi.

Why do stretch marks form?

Stretch marks, known medically as striae, occur when there is stress on the skin, causing it to stretch. Some people are more prone to stretch marks than others, and many contributory factors seem to be largely genetic.

Collagen and elastin form the framework of youthful, healthy skin, and they’re the proteins that help your skin adapt to changes in size. Stretch marks occur when your collagen and elastin fail to help your skin adjust to changes. Scars then manifest in the form of sunken streaks or lines. The following factors can lead to damage in the form of stretch marks and loose skin:

  • Growth
  • Puberty
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Sun exposure
  • Hormonal changes
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Medication side-effects
  • Pregnancy

How does TempSure™ Envi work?

TempSure™ Envi is an FDA-approved, noninvasive treatment that can tighten loose skin, including skin loosened by stretch marks.

No needles are involved, there’s virtually no pain, and no recovery time is needed. TempSure™ Envi is a gentle and effective treatment. Placing a handheld probe on the treatment area, Dr. Needell sends radiofrequency energy deep into your skin’s tissues, thereby encouraging the production of new collagen.

Collagen is responsible for keeping skin tight, supple, and elastic. As your collagen production increases, new skin will form and give the treated area a youthful look again.

What happens during a TempSure™ Envi treatment?

First, Dr. Needell discusses the treatment with you and ensures you’re comfortable. Then Dr. Needell programs the TempSure™ Envi device for your specific requirements and massages your skin with the handpiece device.

Patients describe the sensation as a mild snapping feeling, and you may feel light heat as the laser stimulates the deepest layers of your skin. Most treatments only take 30-60 minutes.

Once your treatment is finished, Dr. Needell applies any topical skin treatments that are necessary and discusses your next steps. Once you’re finished with your treatment, you can return to your normal activities immediately.

Over the following weeks, your skin will look better and better as collagen production kicks into high gear. Dr. Needell generally recommends a series of 6 treatments 4 weeks apart to achieve the best possible results.

To see if TempSure™ Envi can minimize the appearance of your stretch marks and loose skin, book an appointment online or over the phone with Gastonia Wellness & Long Term Care today.

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