Why an Executive Physical is a Good Investment in Your Overall Health

You know you should get a physical exam every year, but are you aware there’s a more in-depth option? An executive physical is a comprehensive exam that assesses your overall health while also focusing on your specific habits, from the foods you eat to the type of exercise you get.

The executive physical is a step up from an annual physical exam, both in the length of time Dr. Needell is able to spend with you and covering all aspects of your life that affect your health, such as nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle factors.

Many corporations pay for executive physicals for C-suite leaders. Corporate boards have an enormous investment in their corporate leaders, who have been chosen carefully to fulfill a demanding role. Losing a CEO to poor health or a sudden death from an undiagnosed condition is losing a significant business investment.

Executives are busy people and often work long hours, travel frequently, and have the mental stress of feeling responsible for the company, its employees, products, and reputation.
That stress places demands on the body that can lead to high blood pressure and other serious health conditions.

A central trait of CEOs is being proactive — getting the job done with speed and efficiency. They’re always on the go. Sound familiar? That description fits many people — not just CEOs.

Work stress affects everyone — not just C-suite executives. Today’s technologies connect you 24/7 to your job; they add an element of stress that older generations didn’t experience.

Whether you’re an executive or line staff, an executive physical is an investment in yourself. Getting an executive physical can bring peace of mind because you know you’ve been tested from top to bottom. Any lurking but as yet unrecognized symptoms of a disease or condition may be discovered before it’s too late to treat it effectively.

An executive physical focuses on prevention as well as assessment. A University of Michigan study found that executives who participate in executive health programs, which include an executive physical, submit fewer health claims and take fewer sick days.

Feeling sluggish mentally and/or physically is likely to impede your effectiveness on the job and could even impact your career. An undiagnosed thyroid condition, for example, can cause you to feel tired all the time and gain weight that you can’t explain, or conversely, make you feel nervous and cause unexplained weight loss.

An executive physical exam consists of the following elements:

  • A comprehensive exam and extensive time with Dr. Needell ‍
  • Hearing and vision tests‍
  • Extensive lab tests that screen for diabetes, anemia, liver and kidney function, thyroid disease, abnormal cholesterol levels, lung disease, cardiac risk, and any additional tests relevant to your history ‍
  • Colonoscopy‍
  • Prostate exam for men and a Pap smear for women
  • Nutritional assessment and a detailed nutrition plan including healthy recipes and shopping lists
  • Fitness assessment: Are you getting the type and amount of exercise you need to remain at peak health?
  • Mental health screening
  • Lifestyle assessment: What’s your stress level? Do you engage socially and make time for activities you enjoy, or have you been burning the candle at both ends for months?

Once all the information is in, Dr. Needell provides you with an action plan focused on maintaining your health and preventing disease.

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